My Sweet Quarantine 4th Day

During these first 4 days of my Italian quarantine I thought a lot on the “why this is happening”, specially on the “WHY NOW” and I finally got to one and only answer that makes sense to me and hopefully to you all.

I DON’T believe in COINCIDENCES, I always think that everything happens for a reason. And for this coronavirus there is only one explanation to me, just open your eyes: NATURE is giving us a hard lesson, a lesson at the highest price, people are dying.

AIR is taking its revenge on us. How? first in China, now over here. WHO  BENEFITS from covid-19 ?  the environment, which means the AIR that we breathe is cleaner now thanks to the pollution drastic drop. The world was destroying itself, something powerful was necessary to reduce the CO2 production.

And NATURE TOOK CONTROL  in a sadistic terrible way since we die because we CAN’T BREATHE, it could make us pay the price in many ways but this virus ACTS through the air and HITS the lungs, it is no coincidence.

Nature has thus forced us to REDUCE Environmental Pollution in a violent, sudden, merciless way. As never before!

I hope that all world leaders reflect well on this so these DEATHS WON’T BE IN VAIN. When everything has passed and, as after a war, countries have counted their dead, decisions on Climate Change will have to be made because reducing pollution is NOW CLEARLY POSSIBLE.

NATURE is telling us: “BY HOOK OR BY CROOK you gotta take care of the planet”.
Nature  is now cleaning up the world air ,step by step, country by country, its revenge is painful but it is for the benefit of us all.

EVERY IMPEDIMENT COMES FOR GOOD, my grandma used to say 


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