Addio 2020

Sembra anche a voi che questo 2020 sia durato un’eternita’? finalmente e’ arrivata la sua fine ed e’ tempo di bilanci. Questa fine d’anno, pero’, non ha per niente l’aria di essere una fine e il nuovo anno non ha l’aria di essere un nuovo inizio. Purtroppo siamo ancora immersi nella pandemia e la vera fine sara’ solo quando tutto il mondo ne sara’ fuori e il nuovo inizio sara’ solo quando tutti potremo festeggiare e riabbracciarci.

Temo che dovremo pazientare ancora per un po’ di tempo prima di festeggiare ma l’essere umano e’ un animale che si adatta e possiamo farcela, ne sono sicura.

Detto cio’, torno al bilancio e quello di quest’ anno puo’ dirsi positivo solo per il fatto di essere vivi, tanto per cominciare, poi se quelli a cui volete bene sono ancora intorno a voi, anche questo e’ motivo di bilancio positivo. Se, inoltre, qualcosa di cio’ che vi eravate proposti l’avete pure realizzato, beh direi che farete bene a concentrarvi su quello e festeggiare , perche’ poteva pure andare peggio e se ci concentriamo, sono sicura che in quest’anno qualcosa di positivo lo troviamo ed e’ da li’ che dobbiamo ripartire con fiducia ed ottimismo. La negativita’ attrae negativita’ ed abbassa le difese immunitarie, non lo dico io ma la scienza.

Esser felici per le piccole cose non vuol dire accontentarci e mollare il sogno, vuol dire avere un approccio fiducioso in noi stessi, ingegnarsi quando tutto sembra crollare. Chi non molla mai , chi non si arrende , chi vede il bicchiere mezzo pieno non e’ che lo vede mezzo pieno perche’ e’ piu’ fortunato di quello che lo vede mezzo vuoto, semplicemente ha deciso di NON guardare la parte vuota ed e’ una scelta di vita che da’ i suoi frutti anche mentre la vita si vive. Sorridere anche quando tutto va storto trasmette serenita’ a noi e a chi abbiamo intorno, un clima sereno aiuta a risolvere i problemi.

Quindi accontentiamoci di cio’ che di buono ci ha portato quest’anno perche’ chi si accontenta gode e poi pero’ diciamogli ADDIO per sempre !

L’ augurio che vi faccio per il 2021 e’ di apprezzare le piccole cose quotidiane, senza aspettarvi troppo da nessuno, cosi’ se , il troppo dovesse accadere , sarete felicemente sorpresi !


For my English readers :

Does it also seem to you that this 2020 was a never ending year? Now 2020 is finally coming to its end and it’s time for balances.

However, this end of the year does not seem to be an end at all and the new year does not seem to be a new beginning. Unfortunately we are still into the pandemic crisis. Therefore the real end will only be when the whole world will be out of it and the new beginning will start only when we’ll hug each other again for real.

My friends, I’m afraid it will take some more time before we celebrate, but humans are animals that easily adapt and we’ll get out of it, I’m sure.

Having said that and going back to this year balance sheet, I think the balance can be considered positive just for being ALIVE, to begin with. Then, if those you love are still around you, that’s also a reason for a positive balance. Moreover, in case you have also achieved something new, well, I’d say you better concentrate on that and celebrate, because it could have been worse. If we concentrate, I’m sure we can find some little thing that is positive in this 2020 and that’s exactly where we must start from in 2021.

Lots of positive energy. Negativity attracts negativity and weakens our immune system according to what science says. So there is no point being negative.

Being happy for the small joys of every day doesn’t mean settling down and giving up our dream, it means having a confident approach in ourselves, striving when everything seems to collapse. Who never gives up or who sees the glass half full is not because he is more lucky than the one who sees it half empty, but simply decided NOT to look at the empty part. It is a life style choice. Being able to smile, even in hard times like these, spreads serenity around us and a peaceful atmosphere helps to solve problems.

So let’s be pleased with the bits of good this year has brought us because who is well pleased is well served . And then let’s say GOODBYE forever to 2020!

Whishing you to appreciate the small things in 2021,not expecting too much from anyone, so if “too much” happens, you’ll be happily surprised! Ciao, ML

Italy shut down and creative mood

Hi there, here I am today at our 11th day of Lab shutting down and country closure. Unfortunately things are going to be this way for another month or so here in Italy. For us emerging brands is going to be bloody difficult economically , we need as much help as possible from you out there who believe in our work and who appreciate our creations. I personally will keep creating no plastic jewels handmade in Italy but the reality is that the general mood is so depressed that no one now is interested in jewels or fashion, the only thing every one is talking about is this damned virus .

So let me clarify a bit how things really are over here: yes people are dying but 90% die with the virus and NOT beacause of the virus . We have more deaths than China now, because we have lots of elderly people around 80 and those are the deaths mainly. Unfortunately this virus spreads out quickly and, as we don’t have a vaccine as we do for the common flu , lots of people risk to be infected easily and those who have a low immune system risk more than the others ending in hospital. Italy does not have enough intensive care rooms to look after all those in possible need of ventilators therefore the government decided to keep us all at home, away from the streets , shops , schools, away from any contact to reduce the contagion. This is the only solution right now unfortunately, those countries where the hospitals can cope with a better assistance will be able to win the war better and with less economic damage.

We are paying now for the huge politics mistakes in terms of Health investments cuts in the past.

As far as I am concerned I am at home , trying to create keeping the concentration I need, trying to get the best out of this time with family around me 24hrs and smiling to my 3 kids as much as possible. I see it as a great opportunity to appreciate nature and its beauty, we are lucky to live in the Tuscan country side that in this period of the year is of an amazing beauty. Spring is all around us, staying home let’s take the time to think about our planet making it a better place to live in. We can all get out of this helping each other.

Grazie my friends, take good care of yourself and don’t forget to #buyitalian.

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