Italy shut down and creative mood

Hi there, here I am today at our 11th day of Lab shutting down and country closure. Unfortunately things are going to be this way for another month or so here in Italy. For us emerging brands is going to be bloody difficult economically , we need as much help as possible from you out there who believe in our work and who appreciate our creations. I personally will keep creating no plastic jewels handmade in Italy but the reality is that the general mood is so depressed that no one now is interested in jewels or fashion, the only thing every one is talking about is this damned virus .

So let me clarify a bit how things really are over here: yes people are dying but 90% die with the virus and NOT beacause of the virus . We have more deaths than China now, because we have lots of elderly people around 80 and those are the deaths mainly. Unfortunately this virus spreads out quickly and, as we don’t have a vaccine as we do for the common flu , lots of people risk to be infected easily and those who have a low immune system risk more than the others ending in hospital. Italy does not have enough intensive care rooms to look after all those in possible need of ventilators therefore the government decided to keep us all at home, away from the streets , shops , schools, away from any contact to reduce the contagion. This is the only solution right now unfortunately, those countries where the hospitals can cope with a better assistance will be able to win the war better and with less economic damage.

We are paying now for the huge politics mistakes in terms of Health investments cuts in the past.

As far as I am concerned I am at home , trying to create keeping the concentration I need, trying to get the best out of this time with family around me 24hrs and smiling to my 3 kids as much as possible. I see it as a great opportunity to appreciate nature and its beauty, we are lucky to live in the Tuscan country side that in this period of the year is of an amazing beauty. Spring is all around us, staying home let’s take the time to think about our planet making it a better place to live in. We can all get out of this helping each other.

Grazie my friends, take good care of yourself and don’t forget to #buyitalian.

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My Sweet Quarantine 4th Day

During these first 4 days of my Italian quarantine I thought a lot on the “why this is happening”, specially on the “WHY NOW” and I finally got to one and only answer that makes sense to me and hopefully to you all.

I DON’T believe in COINCIDENCES, I always think that everything happens for a reason. And for this coronavirus there is only one explanation to me, just open your eyes: NATURE is giving us a hard lesson, a lesson at the highest price, people are dying.

AIR is taking its revenge on us. How? first in China, now over here. WHO  BENEFITS from covid-19 ?  the environment, which means the AIR that we breathe is cleaner now thanks to the pollution drastic drop. The world was destroying itself, something powerful was necessary to reduce the CO2 production.

And NATURE TOOK CONTROL  in a sadistic terrible way since we die because we CAN’T BREATHE, it could make us pay the price in many ways but this virus ACTS through the air and HITS the lungs, it is no coincidence.

Nature has thus forced us to REDUCE Environmental Pollution in a violent, sudden, merciless way. As never before!

I hope that all world leaders reflect well on this so these DEATHS WON’T BE IN VAIN. When everything has passed and, as after a war, countries have counted their dead, decisions on Climate Change will have to be made because reducing pollution is NOW CLEARLY POSSIBLE.

NATURE is telling us: “BY HOOK OR BY CROOK you gotta take care of the planet”.
Nature  is now cleaning up the world air ,step by step, country by country, its revenge is painful but it is for the benefit of us all.

EVERY IMPEDIMENT COMES FOR GOOD, my grandma used to say