Be you, be true. You are unique.

Some time ago, during the summer , I was invited to a wedding in an amazing castle in the Tuscan countryside. The place was fab , full of beautiful gardens and flowers. All was perfect and, as in a fairy tale, the bride was gorgeous in her white long dress .

I remember I was snooping around the park when I happened to bump into another bride who was there with her groom and a photographer taking pictures of the two. Nothing strange except that she was wearing the same exactly dress of my friend . I still can’t believe it ! Two brides with the same wedding dress! How could that be happening? and how would you react in a case like that ? I would be very disappointed and unhappy facing another bride dressed like me on my special day .

I think that each one of us wants to be unique, not just on our eventual wedding day, but always . It’s not pleasant seeing others wearing our same coat , cocktail dress or tie. I could accept the same pair of trainers or jeans but in any case never ever the same jewelry ! Jewels are those pieces of accessories that one wears to make a difference from the rest , you might wear the same shirt but with the right necklace, earrings or cufflinks it could end up looking different. You know what I mean right ? So, when I decided to run alone and create a new jewelry brand, the idea was to propose not just another Italian jewelry brand, but the most unique, unconventional, colored, ecofriendly, unexpected no-gender jewelry design brand for those who want to be unique. Those who choose to wear what they feel like according to their mood and not just following the fashion trends of the moment.

As a matter of fact what ever you wear , which ever color you choose, there will be a perfect Lalla’s piece that’s going to enhance your look and make you feel unique.

This is the reason why quantities are small , many collections are limited editions and we are happy that your request for customized exclusive jewelry pieces has been increasing during the last year. Thank you all for choosing Lalla’s in order to happily remain yourself and stand out at the same time !

Last but not least, to avoid any surprise I designed my own wedding dress and had my tailoress sew it. 😉 !

Here’s a sneak peak …

Stay tuned on, the new collections are on their way. Ciao for now, Maria Laura