Wearing the mask is not trendy, is only necessary

This is day 3 of the Italian Re-opening. Life should go back to normality but honestly nothing is normal . First of all going around covered up with the surgery masks IS NOT NORMAL.

As a matter of fact I wanted to point out that we wear the masks because it’s an emergency situation, because we don’ t know how to behave with this virus yet and the only defence we have is to stay far away from those we meet in order to avoid getting infected.

For this reason PLEASE let’s not make the huge mistake of considering the mask a trendy item, let’s not make a fashion biz out of it, let’s not turn an item that is only for health purposes into a fashion item. To be honest at the beginning as a brand owner I thought it would have been cool to have our own logo mask, but right afterwards I realized that wearing and proposing a Lalla’s mask to my clients could immediately transform something that shouldn’t be desirable into something desirable and I decided NOT TO produce any mask with my logo.

As a matter of fact the way fashion works is creating desirable products , that people just can’t wait to have and to wear. This should not happen with the masks, masks should just stay as ugly and minimal as they are, simply surgery ones that have those filters we need to protect ourselves. In fact many masks around in simple cotton are not even useful against the virus but only useful for those who sell them and those who wear them thinking they are cool.

There is NOTHING fashionable in the face masks , therefore my personal wish is that the fashion biz will not spread and speculate on this terrible virus transforming and useful item into a desirable one simply because it has a logo on it.

Thank you and let’s enjoy this new kinda freedom guys !

PS. il prossimo articolo sara’ in italiano, promesso 😉

Ciao, ML